Auralex 4 inch CornerFill 4x24 inch Acoustic Absorber 9-pack - Purple

Product Category
Acoustic Treatment
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Sound Absorption
Under 25 sq. ft., Foam, Purple
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Sweetwater knows how to reign in that pesky low-end – Auralex CornerFills! Adding acoustic treatment to your room, whether it’s your mixspace or the tracking room, gives you cleaner, more accurate recordings as well as reducing the sound transfer to adjoining spaces. Treating the corners of your studio space helps break up omnidirectional lower frequencies, keeping it out of your sensitive microphones. Reducing low end response in your mixspace means you’ll spend less time EQing your tracks and more time making music. By using CornerFills, along with other Auralex components, in strategic spots, you get results you can hear.



Auralex CornerFill Acoustic Treatment Foam Features:

  • Attractive purple color works well in most any decor
  • 4″ x 4″ x 24″ size is the perfect way to bridge the gap left by Studiofoam acoustic treatment
  • Foam pieces install easily with Auralex adhesives

Tame the tone of your studio space with Auralex Acoustic Treatment!