Auralex 2 inch Studiofoam DST-112 - 1x1 foot Acoustic Panel 24-pack - Charcoal

Product Category
Acoustic Treatment
Product Subcategory
Sound Absorption
Under 25 sq. ft., Foam, Charcoal
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Detailed Information

Introducing the Auralex Designer Series Treatments DST-112 Studiofoam Panels! Auralex continues to lead the industry in acoustical performance with innovative products. Many of you wanted a product delivering Auralex Studiofoam performance, longevity and value, but with a different look. Enter the DST-112!




Auralex DST-112 Studiofoam Panels at a Glance:

  • 24 1-foot square panels for economical 24-square-foot coverage
  • Matches well with DST-114 or other StudioFoam products
  • Easy mounting with Auralex adhesives

Economical acoustic coverage with Auralex quality
The Auralex DST-112 is a 1-foot x 1-foot panel that provides true Studiofoam absorption at a reasonable price. The 24-panel carton is remarkably inexpensive! Also, the DST-112 can easily be cut into 6″ shingles, allowing for a host of creative options.

Match the DST-112 with other Studiofoam solutions
The DST-112 serves as the ideal design complement to the DST-114 and other Auralex DST Studiofoam products. A number of configuration combinations are possible when used with the DST-114. Your imagination is the only limit to the design possibilities!

Easy to install, long lasting good looks
The ideal adhesive for a 24-tile DST-112 carton is Auralex’s Foamtak spray-on adhesive – the quick, easy way to install DST panels. Foamtak is a long-lasting application that will keep your DST-112s in place and looking good for a long time. Or, use three tubes of Auralex Tubetak Liquid Foam adhesive. It’s just as strong and offers the convenience of a caulking-gun type of applicator.

Auralex DST-112 Studiofoam Panel Features:

  • 24 square feet of acoustic treatment at a modest price
  • Matches other Auralex DST products
  • Panels may be cut down into individual shingles
  • Combines with DST-114 for attractive design combinations
  • Mounts with Foamtak or Tubetak adhesives for long-lasting installation
  • Designer burgundy color

Auralex DST-112 Studiofoam Panels: an outstanding acoustical solution!