Audix A152 Studio Reference Headphones with Extended Bass

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With their spacious soundstage and extended bass response, Audix A152 Studio Reference Headphones are as appropriate for audiophiles and gamers as they are for critical listening applications. Equipped with high-performance, phase-coherent 50mm drivers, A152 headphones deliver powerful sonics without a hint of listening fatigue. Their circumaural design naturally reduces outside sound and minimizes bleed into microphones. And with the soft padded earcups and headband, you won’t mind wearing these headphones for hours. Complete with a detachable cables and a protective carry case, the Audix A152 Studio Reference Headphones from Sweetwater offer an immersive, pleasurable listening experience.

Audix A152 Studio Reference Headphones with Extended Bass Response Features:

  • Dynamic, closed-back, circumaural (over-the-ear) design
  • High-performance phase-coherent 50mm drivers with rare-earth alloy magnets
  • Extended bass response for a powerful listening experience, with accurate reproduction of subharmonics
  • Spacious soundstage with natural, balanced, lifelike sound reproduction
  • Excellent for monitoring, gaming, and casual listening
  • Soft cushion earcups with 90-degree swivel for easy one-ear monitoring
  • Included protective carrying case, 3m and 1.8m detachable cables, and 3.5mm to 1/4-inch threaded adapter