Audix A140 Professional Studio Headphones

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Audix A140 Professional Studio Headphones deliver the accurate sonics — and just as importantly, the comfort — that you need to get through extended listening sessions. Their non-hyped frequency response allows you to make critical decisions regarding mix balance, while their circumaural design naturally reduces outside sound and minimizes bleed into microphones. And with the soft padded ear cups and headband, Sweetwater can confirm you won’t mind wearing these headphones for hours. Complete with a detachable cable and a protective carry case, the Audix A140 Professional Studio Headphones are poised to become your go-to headphone monitoring solution.

Audix A140 Professional Studio Headphones Features:

  • Circumaural, closed-back studio headphones with 40mm drivers
  • Linear frequency response is perfect for critical listening and mixing
  • Over-the-ear design helps reduce sound leakage
  • Cushioned ear cups swivel 90-degrees for single-ear monitoring
  • Padded headband for comfortable listening even for hours at a time
  • Detachable 5.9-foot cable with 1/8-inch connector, 1/4-inch adapter included
  • Protective carry case makes them easy to transport