Ashdown NOVU-1 Studio Reference Headphones - Black

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Ashdown solidified their presence in the studio headphone space with their Meters series of studio reference headphones, and Sweetwater’s experts agree that the NOVU-1 is a valiant entry, blending high-quality playback with versatility — all at a great price. With the NOVU-1 Studio Reference Headphones, you’ll experience professional-quality audio that’s accurately reproduced across the spectrum. Enjoy the comfortable, closed-back construction, designed with the long-haul in mind, whether that’s in the studio or just jamming to tunes anywhere headphones can be taken! Modular engineering means the included 3m cable is easily replaceable, detachable at both ends, and is packaged with a threaded 1/4-inch adapter, letting you plug into most outlets for an uncompromising hi-fi listening experience.

Ashdown NOVU-1 Studio Reference Headphones Features:

  • VU meter exterior graphic pays homage to the Meters by Ashdown series of headphones, without compromising audio quality
  • 50mm dynamic drivers guarantee clean, accurate audio response
  • 104dB SPL/V @ 1kHz lets you crank up the tunes with no worries for distortion or bad audio
  • Closed-back design means comfort while you listen, engineered for the long haul
  • Included 3m cable is detachable for easy replacement if damaged, or if a longer cable is needed
  • Frequency bandwidth of 16–20,000Hz ensures you’re capturing the full spectrum of your listening experience
  • 1/4-inch threaded adapter fits snugly over the 1/8-inch gold-plated stereo mini-plug, diversifying your playback options from the studio, home, or anywhere else
  • Weight: 8.29 oz.
  • Clothing carrying bag included