Argosy Spire 420i Studio Monitor Stands

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Studio Furniture
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Monitor Stands
42 inch, MDF, Black
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With your monitors on the Argosy 420i Spire i-stand speaker stands, you’ll notice the improvement in your studio’s sound. The 420i Spire i-stands feature IsoAcoustics speaker-isolation technology, which minimizes the transfer of vibrations from your studio monitors to the stand itself. By decoupling your monitors from the stand, you’ll hear tighter bass and better stereo imaging. Improving the monitoring accuracy in your studio can be as easy as getting a pair of Argosy 420i Spire i-stand speaker stands.



Improve the sound in your studio by decoupling your monitors

420i Spire i-stand monitor stands use IsoAcoustics technology to isolate your speakers from the surface of the speaker stand itself. Why is this important? Decoupling your monitors from their supporting surfaces allows the speaker and enclosure to float independently, reducing the amount of vibrational energy that’s transferred to the stand or desk, through to the floor. The benefit is tighter, cleaner bass response, plus a noticeable improvement in the clarity of the stereo image. Countless professional engineers agree that decoupling your monitors will definitely result in more accurate monitoring in your studio.

Argosy 420i Spire i-stand Speaker Stands Features:

  • Pair of 42″ studio monitor speaker stands, with built-in IsoAcoustics technology
  • Monitors are decoupled from the stand surface, for better bass response and stereo imaging
  • Made from powder-coated MDF
  • Shipped flat-packed, requires assembly

Your studio sounds better when your monitors are on Argosy 420i Spire i-stand speaker stands!