API The Channel Strip Microphone Preamp, EQ & Compressor

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Preamps & Channel Strips
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API’s famous lunchbox concept has garnered widespread popularity among studio types who love “pick and choose” flexibility, in a compact format. With The Channel Strip, API does the “choosing” work for you, offering a money-saving bundle of a completely decked-out front end. As so many users have paired the 512c Mic Pre, the 550a EQ, the 527 Compressor, and the 325 Line Driver, API has now packaged them together for your instant sonic enjoyment.




API The Channel Strip Features:

  • Complete front-end solution with API console sound
  • Includes the 512c Mic Pre, the 550a EQ, and the 527 Compressor
  • Also includes the 325 Line Driver
  • Adds an insert point and sidechain input

API’s The Channel Strip packs all your front-end solutions into a single rackspace!