AEA RPQ2 2-channel Ribbon Microphone Preamp

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AEA has updated their acclaimed RPQ 2-channel microphone preamp with front-panel DI inputs, rear-panel inserts, and a secondary balanced output. Just like the original, the RPQ2 supplies copious gain for low-output microphones such as AEA’s superb ribbon mics. The RPQ2’s high headroom, 81dB of clean gain, and ultra-quiet performance make it a great choice for any mic in your locker. AEA’s proprietary CurveShaper circuit helps you get the best high-frequency performance possible, while the onboard highpass filter gives you control over proximity effect. With its high-grade JFET circuitry, wide dynamic range, and road-tough construction, the AEA RPQ2 is quite an impressive mic preamp.




AEA RPQ2 2-channel Ribbon Microphone Preamp at a Glance:

  • Plenty of clean gain and headroom
  • Ideal for controlling proximity effect
  • Add presence and air to your ribbon mics
  • Works great as a studio processor in line mode

Plenty of clean gain and headroom

The AEA RPQ2 ribbon preamp with CurveShaper provides two channels of high-quality, high-gain, low-noise microphone preamplification, with phantom power for your mics that require it. Particularly well-suited for use with ribbon microphones, it delivers the speed, precision, quietness, and headroom needed for today’s high-resolution recordings. The JFET circuit design generates up to 81dB of clean and quiet gain, with extended bandwidth from below 1Hz to beyond 200kHz, for dynamic range and transient response that complements all your microphones.

Ideal for controlling proximity effect

The AEA RPQ2 gives you the tools to control your ribbons. Ribbon mics are capable of delivering robust lows and can have a significant bass proximity effect. Such strong low-frequency content can mask clarity and intelligibility, so the RPQ2’s tunable highpass filter was engineered to tame low-frequency energy to appropriate levels.

Add presence and air to your ribbon mics

Sweetwater engineers know that high-frequency roll-off is a frequent fact of life with ribbon microphones, distant mic placement, or an overly dry acoustical environment. The RPQ2’s CurveShaper circuit compensates for this, letting you extend and sweeten the high end by adding a little extra presence and air to your signal.

Works great as a studio processor in line mode

After hearing that several users were implementing their RPQ preamps into the signal chain during mixdown (those EQ controls certainly are amazing), AEA added a very handy line-level input mode. This functionality lets you switch the RPQ2 to line level and use the preamp’s EQ controls for signal processing during mixdowns and even mastering.

AEA RPQ2 2-channel Ribbon Microphone Preamp Features:

  • Plenty of headroom and gain
  • Perfect preamp for ribbon microphones
  • Front-panel 1/4″ DI inputs for plug-and-play convenience
  • Rear-panel post-mic, pre-EQ inserts make adding effects easy
    • Allow each channel’s preamp and EQ sections to be used independently
  • Switchable phantom power, polarity, and mic/line mode, each with LED indicators
  • High-impedance circuitry brings out your mic’s full clarity
  • CurveShaper EQ adds presence and air to your signal
  • Highpass filter lets you control proximity effect
  • Use it as a post-processing tool in line mode for running mixes and masters through
  • 1U steel and aluminum chassis with built-in power supply

The AEA RPQ2 works wonders with your ribbon mics!