Hoss from Hoss Management Group

In this episode of The Go Get It Podcast With Corey Dissin. . .we interview voice talent agent extraordinaire Hoss from Hoss Management Group.

Hoss walks us through his journey as an agent from his days at Don Buchwald and Atlas Talent, to CESD and now running his own voice over talent management company.

Hoss also talks marketing, branding, demos and more. . .

And of course, Hoss tackles the big question of what does it take for the working, blue-collar voice over pro to break through with a major talent agency?

Hoss Management Group: www.hossmgmt.com

Sponsored by George The Tech: Recording studio support, design, and technical training anywhere, provided remotely by George Whittam at www.GeorgeTheTech.com.

Intro announcer Mark Peeples: www.markpeeples.com

Featured voice talent Jodi Krangle: www.yummyvoice.com

Audio production courtesy of Christopher Dissin: 

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