Chuck Duran – Voice Over Demo Producer/Director of Demos That Rock | Part 2

Episode 324 Part 2 – After years of interviewing voice over industry pros we FINALLY turn the cameras around and our very own, Stacey J. interviews the industry’s most respected and sought after voiceover demo producer, Chuck Duran of Demos That Rock.

Get a front-row seat to a candid conversation with Chuck Duran about every aspect of demo production including his unique process for creating demos that help voice actors build a successful and profitable voice-over career.

Both parts of this spirited interview are FULL of incredible advice and guidance that anyone serious about a career in the voiceover industry will want and need to know. When you are ready to create your voice over demos (the most important and powerful tools you can possibly have) be sure to collaborate with someone who knows not only demo production and direction but also the voiceover industry, inside and out, backward and forward, someone like Chuck Duran.


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