Earthly Love & Light – Custom Jewelry by Gina Coconato-Hering

Episode 328 Part 1 of 2 – Chuck and Stacey are super excited to share the artist responsible for their one-of-a-kind jewelry, Gina Coconato-Hering. In addition to being a talented singer and actor, Gina is the creator of Earthly Love & Light and is obsessed with crystals, essential oils, and all things magic.

Five years ago, Gina, set out to make a functional line of jewelry that was sparkly, fun, and meaningful. With the support of dear friends and family, her fun hobby has turned into a thriving business that’s getting massive attention from lots of peeps including celebrities and social media influencers. Visit her shop at:

Gina’s pairing of the power of crystals with the strength of essential oils has brought healing and protection into her own life and now she’s excited to share it with you. We’re thrilled to celebrate our amazing friend, Gina Coconato-Hering with you.

Follow along on Gina’s journey on Instagram @earthlyloveandlight and watch this fun interview to get a special promo code for VO Buzz Weekly viewers.



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